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Are you an experienced techie or fresher looking for a well-paying and satisfying career?

Are you an experienced techie who was laid off due to automation and looking to change your career path by learning “Industry-demanded” survival skill sets?

Are you a leader, looking for training to up-skill your existing Infosecurity teams?

If so, I can help you.

With a rich experience of 30+ years mostly in leadership roles in Information / Cyber Security at Fortune 100 companies like IBM & Unilever, I am uniquely placed in training you in Information / Cyber Security.

I have trained, mentored and helped develop industry required skillsets for more than 5000+ professionals in my area of specialisation – Information / Cyber Security.

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Dr. Richard H.L. Marshall, Esq. 

Former Global Director of Cybersecurity, WhiteHouse

Founder and CEO of X-SES Consultants, Founder and CEO of SETI, Inc., Founder and Chairman of CinturionGroup

I have the distinct honor of offering this Letter of Recommendation on behalf of Mr. C.N Shashidhar, Founder and CEO of SecuriT Consultancy Services LLP and Securit Education LLP. I am proud to declare that he has been a professional associate and resource of mine for many years. 

I first met Shashi in India when I was involved in a multicity speaking tour on behalf of a business colleague of mine and an international professional cyber awareness association. As a senior officer at the national level of the Indian Chapter, Mr. Shashidhar was instrumental in organizing the numerous business events in which we jointly participated. 

Our international business relationship has continued to mature over the years. He has been a beacon in the business world helping executives to appreciate and address the acute shortage of qualified security professionals. One need only to look at his website: to see the scope of his detailed knowledge of the state of cybersecurity in India regarding career opportunities, workforce trends and challenges, the growing skills gap, and threat landscape. More importantly, he offers a realistic strategy to address these shortfalls and challenges. 

I should emphasize that he is a proven leader in a highly technical field but possesses the special communication skills to be accepted in the boardroom and in the IT departments. I unequivocally give my full endorsement to Mr. C.N Shashidhar.

Paul De Souza

Founder President at Cyber Security Forum Initiative (CSFI.US), Washington, District of Columbia

Shashidhar is a very active CSFI member who’s always ready to collaborate and add to our discussions. He also contributes as a volunteer when possible.  India must be proud to have Shashidhar as an Information Security professional with such knowledge and wisdom

Security Essentials Mastery

$ 1,097

For International Customers

  • Foundational Course On Information Security Which Will Turbo-Charge Your Career
  • Life-Time Access
  • Learn At Your Own Pace

Security Essentials Mastery

Rs 74,997

For Indian Customers

  • Foundational Course On Information Security Which Will Turbo-Charge Your Career
  • Life-Time Access
  • Learn At Your Own Pace