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Think And Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

This is the first in a 38 part blog series on the bestseller of a book for past 75 years by Mr Napoleon Hill on

Mr Hill states that many men and women have transformed their lives by just following the universal principles laid out in the book “Think And Grow Rich”. He names the most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs of his time as being influenced by and attributing their success to a reading and action on the principles outlined in the book. Its remarkable that most successful businessmen and entrepreneurs even today attribute their success in a large part to the reading and implementation of the principles laid out in this book. To remain relevant for 75 years and more is a remarkable achievement and shows that the universal principles outlined int he book are evergreen and stand the test of time.

Mr Hill, then goes on to talk about how Edwin Barnes who was penniless, not educated could think his way into a partnership with the famous inventor Edison. He details the hardships and odds that Barnes had to overcome in his journey towards success and riches. Edison had invented the Dictation machine but his salesmen were not enthusiastic about selling it. Barnes was very enthusiastic and keen to sell the machine. His burning desire to succeed, faith and confidence in the machine led him to get into a partnership with Edison and he was so successful that Edison gave him a contract to sell the machines across entire USA and from this was born the tagline “Made by Edison and Installed by Barnes”. Barnes literally thought himself into a partnership with Edison. Through his initiative, faith and will to win he succeeded and created an enormous fortune. This is an extraordinary story of success. 

How many of us wander aimlessly through life without achieving anything. Do you think that the principles of success and riches outlined in the book can help all of us. 

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