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17 Tricks About Think And Grow Rich - Three Feet Away From Gold You Wish You Knew Before

Napoleon Hill's Masterpiece - Think And Grow Rich Has Influenced And Inspired More Men And Women To Achieve Their Dreams And Is Easily The Best Seller Books Of All Time. In This Post, We Explore One Of The Key Reasons For Failure Is Giving Up Too Soon !

Let us examine this characteristic in detail here.

One of the key reasons for failure is that we quit and give up too soon. Mr Hill in the chapter "Three Feet Away From Gold" in his masterpiece of a book "Think And Grow Rich" talks about a certain acquaintance, Mr Darby who in his quest for mining gold during the gold rush in USA, stopped short of Three feet away from a rich vein of gold and sold the machinery to a scrap dealer. That scrap dealer was a smart chap and took expert advise and prospected further and mined out huge deposits of gold. Mr Darby realised his mistake and understood that Desire can be transmuted into Gold.

Mr Hill explains that before we meet success we need to deal with temporary failures and setbacks. The easiest thing to do when one encounters failure is to quit. This is what the majority of people do. They quit early and too easily. The Tough get going when the going gets tough. Hill explains that most of the successful people he interviewed for his book told him that Success came to them after the point when defeat had overtaken them. They just persevered. Hill says that failure is a trickster with a keen sense of irony and cunning. It takes great delight in tripping a person when success is within his reach.

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